Why We Play

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Our Mission

We love video games.  Many of us have embraced them since their first pixelated steps, and many more of us have grown up with them, never knowing an existence without digital worlds and virtual realities.  We've found intrigue, excitement, and escape in the pages of books and the moving images on cinema screens, but games have always held a special fascination.

In games, we aren't passively watching events play out, we are heroines, adventurers, soldiers, monsters, spirits, forces of nature, gods.  Games are engrossing and empowering.  They teach us the limits of our skills and the strength of our resolve.  They allow us to inhabit the minds,  bodies, and lives of others.  In games, we can do things that’d we never dare in real life while indulging in others that we might.

This is electronic gaming.  This is why we play.

Chad Fust is a technology professional, gamer, home brewer, and photographer living in the Hudson Valley in New York state.  His interests include craft beer, stunt kites, scuba diving, and hiking in the woods.  He grew up in Montana and really likes cats.

He can be contacted at chadfust@gmail.com, or you can find him on Steam (user: Incendiary!) or the PlayStation Network (user: OrionDriver).  He's always willing to throw down for some multiplayer goodness.