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My Hearthstone Wishlist, Part I

I've played Hearthstone regularly for the last year, and there are a few things that still get my goat. None of these niggles are destroying my experience with the game, but I'd certainly find satisfaction in their quashing. Polish, after all, is a Blizzard hallmark. Blz plz.

  • Thanks for the extra deck slots, Blizzard. Now please, let us reorder our MASSIVE collection of decks.
  • Can we please speed up animations? Make it a menu item, or let us simply skip animations with a gesture or a click or something.
  • Some day, could we please have a built-in game recording feature? With super deep stat tracking to match?
  • It sure would be cool if I could play Arena-style draft games against my friends.
  • Can I choose to queue up against certain classes or deck archetypes to practice the intricacies of my own decks and strategies?